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Fashion jewelry is fun, unique, and a great way to revamp your outfit. To keep your jewelry fabulous and fresh, please follow this very comprehensive guide to caring for your costume/fashion jewelry



Don't Wash Dishes or do Laundry with Your Jewelry on. Many cleaning products that come in contact with your beautiful jewelry  can take off the finish.

Don't Wear Jewelry in Pool or at the Spa. Chlorinated water can react with the metals found in jewelry causing your awesome necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and/or rings to change color.

Don't Use Jewelry Cleaner. Cleaner made for silver, gold, or platinum is way too harsh for fashion jewelry which is usually plated with precious metals.

Don't Put on Lotion or Perfume with your Jewelry on. For the same reasons listed above, lotions and perfumes that are not 100% natural can react unfavorably with your jewelry.



Put Your Jewelry on After You Put Your Clothes on and Before Your Take Your Clothes Off. Doing this will ensure that your clothing doesn't get caught on your sweater or t-shirt during the clothing removal process. An accidental pull of your necklace while taking off your shirt can cause a chain or string to break!

Remove Your Jewelry During Activities. When performing mundane and fun tasks, such as laundry, cooking, or gardening, remove your jewelry to prevent physical damage or exposure to cleaning chemicals or cleaning fluids.

Put Jewelry on After Applying Hairspray and Makeup. This goes back to keeping your jewelry dry. Perfumes, hairspray, lotion and makeup usually contains harsh chemicals that can damage your beautiful jewelry. By waiting until you are all done with your beauty routine you can avoid potential damage.



Keep Your Jewelry Secure. Store your jewelry in a jewelry box or a secure container that will prevent your jewelry from moving around. You can also store your jewelry in a silk or velvet pouch. Each piece of jewelry you purchase will come with a velvet pouch.

Use Anti-Tarnish Paper. When storing your fashion jewelry try wrapping each piece in anti-tarnish paper. If you don't have anti-tarnish paper use an eyeglass cloth instead! The square black paper in your jewelry bag is a complimentary piece of tarnish paper to draw any moisture out of your jewelry bag.

Avoid Air! The air around us is what makes metal tarnish. We recommend keeping your jewelry stored in the plastic bag that comes with your jewelry to prevent oxidization.

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